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terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

Randy Quaid and Your Wife: Victims of The United States of America, organized as a "Police State of Law"

The United States of America is a country whose state is organized as a "Police State of Law", which is very different from "a democratic state", as is the case in Brazil. It's a shame so much police brutality. The Brazil was well in time of military dictatorship.
Looking forward, eager that this great nation, The Canada, mounted on his exemplary tradition of justice, uphold the couple Quaid, and not let them beat the "abuse of law" that the victims are being Randy Quaid and your wife.
It is our prayer.
Because of Justice and The International Law.
It is our Legal Opinion.
Dr. Luiz Carlos Carvalho de Melo (Lustato Tenterrara)
Lawyer - OAB-PI 4847
Writer - UBE-PI 343/1999

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